One backpack to rule them all.

Because different bags for different needs seem excessive.

With interchangeable Panels (or Manteaus), the bag will never really bore you. It has both, the comfort of the familiar and the excitement of a new bag with each change.

Just pick what you need and tag it to the backpack. Our MOLLE system helps keeps things organized. These are small tiles like pouches that can be linked to the bag.


The liger is made with heavy duty materials that can withstand time and use. Take this weather resistant backpack on any road and feel confident that it take care of your things.

Airline Friendly.

Just the right size for most carry-ons. Because no good story every started with "as i was dragging my suitcase along...".

Know someone who reviews things? 

We are looking for people who will push our gear to their limits to find out if they really perform the way they were intended to. We don't need gentle hands. You can email us at and we can figure something out.  Otherwise, If you just like the idea of this backpack, or know Olga and Karthik, You can just follow us on the social pages and see where this project goes. Help us spread the word and we will make sure we reward you for it.  We encourage gifts. Dearly.