portmanteau life wave


We missed this boat, but we keep floating.

Everyone at Portmanteau is grateful to each and everyone of you who believed in the awesomeness of the Liger01!

You were great throughout the whole month and we know we let you down on this one. We didn’t do our backpack justice and didn’t manage to see it through the ups and downs of the kickstarter campaign. There is a lot more to getting a campaign right, than just getting our product and production side ducks in a row and we are learning that lesson now.

We are also taking this time to perfect every last bit of backpack and run a battery of field and stress tests to make sure the liger can really be on all your adventures. We also promise to get smarter with the whole campaign in general.

Thank you for being so kind to us here on Kickstarter and we promise to come back very soon and get the Liger off the ground! P.s. We want to thank everyone outside of Portmanteau who helped us to run this Kickstarter campaign. I mean really, for all the work, support and love you showed us we owe you food and drinks and gratitude enough for a small village. 

Here is wishing everyone the very best on their travels. 
May your gear never fail you. 

Karthik and Olga.



It began eight years ago.

For us, backpack became an integral part of life with constant commuting, working without a regular office, traveling and living in different cultures. Backpack became a devoted companion, but it was a never a perfect one.
Hunting for the perfect travel gear we ended up with a lot of backpacks. Each of them was suited for a specific purpose, none of them adjusted enough for the different commutes, all of them represented the brands we bought instead of our personalities. 

Few years ago we started drawing and redrawing what we’d call the perfect backpack” and last year we decided to make it real. It took us 4 prototypes (and a horrible first one), year long testing and countless adjustments to design the first production ready backpacks. Finally we got a bag we can proudly say will make it through all of our demanding needs.

We became Portmanteau.


Olga looks after operations at Portmanteau from procuring hardware to finding new innovative textiles and use cases for the mantaeu’s. She previously worked in market research and operations across a range of industries from relocation consultants to food tech companies, in India, Germany and Russia. She strives to establish honest business relationships with all our vendors and collaborators. Her backpack will always have books, snickers, and an overnight kit. The crochet unicorn on the side is how you know its her bag. When overwhelmed, she looks for the nearest fine arts museum.  

Karthik is a trained Architect and has studied at the Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau. Having made a career consulting in design and product strategy, his obsession for the last couple of years has been the design of our first carry-on sized backpack. His backpack will always have atleast 3 sets of chargers, countless peripherals, pens & notepads and a hoodie old enough to be carbon dated. His happy place is at the airports.


Together with friends they form the minds that make portmanteau. 


Designed with Friends

Our production designer. A veteran of the backpack industry, with more than 30 years of hands on experience, he makes luggage for all kinds of travel. From Medical kits for field researchers to specific carry-on systems for endurance cyclists. He is the one who makes sure that our gear doesn’t compromise on comfort for aesthetics no matter how hard we want him to.
Our manufacturing partner in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The factory is a treasure trove for the best materials and minds of the luggage industry and builds impeccable final Portmanteau products. They ensure the extremely meticulous production line, in-house product modelling, testing and cataloging for us.
Friends and family. With the help of so many people we got this far. These wonderful individuals connected us to right people in the luggage industry, gave a lot of great advice, shared expertise and helped us keep our spirits high no matter what. We couldn’t have done any of it without you.