Portmanteau hello world

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Best way to get in touch is here.

We are only human. Here all the reasons and ways to talk to us.

  1. Contact us because you would like to know more about Portmanteau.
  2. To receive the occasional mail (We like sending and receiving postcards).
  3. You work for a travel magazine and you want to take the bags for a spin.
  4. You are an artist and you want to draw/stitch/work on a manteau series.
  5. For no apparent reason you want to say Hi.
  6. You are Kevin Bacon (Seriously).


We are always looking for collaborations for the Monteau fabrics with attribution of the original piece. If you are an original weaver or an artist working with fabrics and think your fabrics design will work perfectly on our Monteau send the design to life@portmanteau.in

Bells and whistles.

To know more about how these backpacks work, Click the link below and know more!