Introducing Liger01


This backpack makes it easy to decide what you want to carry and how you can do it. We use MOLLE system (acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment). First used for military forces this system is a great flexible way to attach pouches and accessories. This way you get a quick access to hold all your daily use things. From chargers to pens, notepads to a camera, things you need, right on top.


We want to give our backpacks a story. But its going to be your story. The manteau’s on top can change as you change and evolve, from blending into the world of blacks and blues and camouflage, to standing out with bright reds and greens. What ever you want the world to see you as that day…


Made from heavy duty materials and quality technical components that wont break without a story. We tested the liger on the road, put them through airport check-ins and buses in asia, Soaked them in the rain, dried them in the sun. Sanded it on the beach, and slung it on motorcycles. We even rode with it in the worst rainfall that our city had seen in 300 years. And it performed, effortlessly. 

The roll top has advantages. Variable volume, compressed packaging among others so that things don’t move around when you carry the backpack. But that doesn’t have to mean you have to open the whole thing up just to remove a laptop or a jacket from the inside. The side access zipper is designed to let you reach the insides with ease while holding down all your gear. Airport security will be really proud.
The MOLLE gives you the quick access you need for all the small items. While the manteau helps you hold things down securely (and in style), so that none of the zippers or compartments are accessible unless you need them.
portmanteau life lake

A roll-top backpack designed to work both as a day bag and luggage for long duration travels. You could compress the straps and reduce it to carry a book and a laptop to work, or roll it up and carry a months worth of supplies for your trip through India.

liger01 packing

None of the lumping and weight imbalance of the regular 40 Litre packs. The compression system actually works. with nothing in them the bags still sit well on your back so as to not flop around.  

Which means, Just empty our the clothes, roll down the top and Eh Voilá! your day bag is ready for buses, metros, bikes and cars.

portmanteau life lake
liger01 night

The reflective strip at the base of the Manteau. Thats for the night. It shines in low light. Like a traffic cone silver strip. So that when you walk/ride/run in the dark, You don’t have to worry about being unseen on the road.

liger01 reflective strip detail

Hello MOLLE.

The backpack is yours. You get to decide how it carries what it carries. The bag has a M.O.L.L.E (short for modular lightweight load-carrying equipment.) system on the front (you mostly see in tactical gear) to allow for quick access pouches to hold all your daily use things. From chargers to pens, notepads to a camera, things you need, right on top. We call them RepTiles. Because, you can repeat them, and they look like little tiles you can assemble on your bag. REPTILES ASSEMBLE!

portmanteau life red
liger01 manteaus


Or French for Cloak. Something you can wear over your things to protect it. Also, an extension of your mood. Some days you want to blend in. Others, to stand out. We are tying up with designers across the globe to help us build a host of these “cloaks” to have better ‘Manteaux’ for our bags.

We want the liger to last you a lifetime.

Kind of like your grandfathers leather bags that you would inherit. Which means, the bags have to adapt as you change your way of using it. It also has to be built with the best materials we can find. No cheap zippers, No light water resistant coatings will work. And the hardware, oh the hardware has to be not just the sturdiest, but also easily available and standard so that in the event of failure, you don’t have to wait weeks for us to ship you the repair kit. your local repair cafe should be able to fix it in a jiffy and get you back on your way.

liger01 backpack on the road

Bigger loads for longer carry

Comfortable back panels and load distribution design that allows full control of how the backpack sits on the shoulders, Which means, you can carry larger loads for longer on these backpacks.

Details. Details. Details

  • Carry-On Sized
  •  Modular and expandable
  • Weather resistant heavy duty fabrics
  • Rip-resistant nylon webbing
  • Organization panels on front panel
  • Reflective strip/accent outside for night time visibility
  • Passport compartment
  • Easy access to main carry compartment

More Details. Details. Details

  • Adjustable Shoulders straps for better load distribution
  • Ventilated back panels
  • MOLLE compartments
  • Interchangeable manteau for un-boring bags.
  • Organization pockets on front panel
  • High quality hardware
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Hidden compartments

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