About this new robust modular FUN backpack for people who like to commute

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We call it the Liger01.

It took us a year of prototyping and testing to get them ready for our first round of production in March 2018.

You want to be able to take your backpacks for granted. You don’t want to start packing for every major trip by checking if your backpack will work for your needs. With the best available materials, and clean functional designs, the Liger one can live through almost anything test you can put it through.

We wanted to be able to take our backpacks for granted. We hate to start packing for every major trip by checking if the backpack will work for this particular trip, be it work or a holiday. With the best available materials, and clean functional designs, the Liger one can be the one bag you carry everywhere.

Sized for carry-on friendly airlines, and thanks to the compression system that helps keep your things in place, The liger adapts for both everyday work commutes and month long vacations.

It has taken us only 5 years.

We have been sketching the bag for the last 5 years. With each trip we took, a new feature added. With each broken buckle, we reinforced our straps. Every sweat stained shirt led us to design better ventilation on the back. Every airport entry made us rethink our laptop compartment. And finally we have our production ready backpack.

What started out as a what if thought experiment into backpacks, has now taken the form of the last backpack we will ever buy. We have been using our early prototypes for a year and they still have to fray or let us down. The liger has only gotten better since.

LIger01, under construction
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Company Background

    1. Portmanteau (Pronounced pɔːtˈmantəʊ,) a large travelling bag, typically made of stiff leather and opening into two equal parts. Also, a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others, for example /motel/ or /brunch/. The Liger, after whom the bag is named, is the largest of the feline family and is born of a male lion and a female tiger.
    2. Mission: Portmanteau is a backpack company focused on making travel more personal and efficient. We want our liger to be the last backpack our users will need to buy.
    3. For us, backpack became a extension of our lives after constant commuting, working without a regular office, traveling and living in different cultures. The backpack was a constant companion but it was a never the perfect one.
    4. We hated the work bag” because it didn’t allow us to carry more than just a laptop and a few papers. We hated taking a rucksack to a meeting. We wanted one bag to solve both our issues, mainly because we would love to leave for the weekend from work and not hide a backpack under the desk.
    5. The liger addresses all the pain points we felt when we travelled. From how to quickly access all your things to how to better carry your gear without having a sweaty back. Where do you hide your money inside your backpack. What changes for left handed users? and so on.
    6. Both olga and karthik travel extensively.
      Olga is an communications and operations specialist who has worked in 4 countries and across 2 continents. She has worked with real estate companies, relocation consultants, food tech startups, management schools and recently with a travel company expanding into the Russian speaking world.
      Karthik’s non travelling alter-ego, works as an architect, a design and process consultant, at web services organisations, at a travel company, with food manufacturers, and farmers in different regions. He hates it when his travel gear fails, but he loves it when they get dirty.
    7. We combined our experience of travelling for work or holidays on planes, trains and automobiles (including a rusted motorcycle) across 3 continents and multiple countries and different climates to build a backpack that will function under pretty much any condition.
    8. We have a whole list of accessories planned for the liger, and a whole other range of backpacks.
liger01 backpack features
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Key Takeaways.

  1. Portmanteau is a Modular backpack designed by backpackers who have gone from travelling for pleasure to travelling for work.
  2. It can vary in volume from 22 litres 40 litres at full capacity
  3. The redesigned laptop section of the liger01 can safely carry anything from the largest laptop currently available (Predator 21x) to an iPad.
  4. The liger01, a single-bag travel bag, aims to raise $40000 from Kickstarter by the end of feb.
  5. We hope to start shipping our first batch in June 2018 from a world class factory in Vietnam.
  6. The cofounders have worked in design, travel, hospitality, architecture, food production and farming, and now have quit their day jobs to pursue the liger.
  7. The team shuttles between India, Vietnam, Russia and the US .
  8. The liger’s modularity isn’t limited to the accessories we make, but can be bundled with pretty much everything already developed to attached to any MOLLE system backpacks. We call it B.Y.O.B. or Build Your Own Backpack.
  9. The Liger02, is being designed for left handed users, and with a whole bunch of accessories that will work with both the Liger01 and Liger02.
liger01 backpack features